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Unlock the Power of Claims Download

April 13, 2023

By: Cal Durland

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at Claims download, it's time to look again. We have been collaborating with carriers to improve the Claims download process, with carriers now providing the additional details that agents have requested.

Download through the Ivans Network now includes the following Claims types:

  • ADJ – Adjuster Assignment (used only for Adjuster information)
  • CLI – Claim Information (used for all new claims)
  • CLN – Claim Number Assignment (used only for assigning company claim number)
  • CLS – Claim Status Update (used only for open, closed, or reopen status)
  • PMT – Payment (used only for payment information)
  • RES – Claim Reserve (used only to update the reserve amount for a claim)

These six claims types make it easier for agencies to distinguish claims activities and define better workflows. Claims download saves you time, money, and sanity – and it’s available now. To see which of your carriers offer Claims download, log into Ivans Exchange.

History of Download

The industry and AUGIE Group have been working to improve Claims download for years. We appreciated Claims download when it launched in the early 2000s, yet agents realized there was insufficient implementation guidance to ensure a quality, consistent implementation of the industry standard. However, as agents started to use it, we heard a variety of responses. Some agents loved that their carriers notified them through Claims download that a claim had been reported to the carrier. Others liked the concept, yet the information downloaded was so broad they continued to use their prior Claims download process.

Benefits of Download

People buy insurance to protect their assets. Carriers provide the ultimate promise of repaying the client for the claim based on the policy that has been purchased. When that promise is fulfilled, it needs to be as efficient as possible to ensure the client is happy with the resolution – which is where Claims download comes in. Claims download securely transmit claims adjustments, settlement information and incoming claims. We often hear from our agent network about the value they get from Claims download – saving them 40-70+ minutes per claim.

Other benefits of Claims download that we have heard from agents include:

  • Reduced errors & omissions
  • More information at their fingertips
  • Increased visibility on what is coming in and the status of processes

Now Is the Time to Provide or Use Claims Download

Agents stopped asking their carriers to provide Claims download because it was not actionable. Now that more claims types are provided, agency management systems can assist in the workflow by automating activities that assist the agency in handling the claim with their client. Agents, now is the time to advocate that more of your carriers to provide Claims download. Encourage your carriers to contact Ivans and contract with Ivans services to do their programming or utilize AUGIE documentation to ensure that they program an actionable Claims download.

Cal Durland

Cal Durland, Director of Customer Success at Ivans, has spent her career ensuring the insurance industry provides a good experience for all. In her current role, she manages the Agency Customer Success team, comprised of individuals dedicated to assisting independent agencies.