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Expanding Commercial Lines Distribution Is All About Connectivity

August 31, 2023

By: Kathy Hrach

We launched Ivans Distribution Platform™ in March of 2021. It’s hard to believe it’s been more than two years since this innovation came to life. We’ve been busy continuing to build on the mission we set at launch: To be THE platform that connects carriers and agencies for commercial lines distribution and rating. Carriers often have multiple integrations directly with partners, agencies, and other tech providers to support the distribution of their commercial products. That means multiple APIs to configure, connect, and maintain – which is overhead and often a headache. We know that is why we are seeing the growth of Ivans Distribution clients – it is ONE connection point to reach thousands of agencies.

Why Join Ivans Distribution Platform?

When you connect to the platform, you get access to a world-class appetite tool – Ask Kodiak – and several leading distribution partners to maximize your product placement within the independent agency channel. Ivans Distribution Platform just keeps getting better. Here are just some of the many reasons carriers and MGAs are joining the platform:

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    The Platform Keeps Growing

    Ivans Distribution Platform has grown from just three carriers at launch to 40+ markets today. As the platform grows, it keeps adding more value for the partners and agent users with a larger volume of companies to quote with, driving more premium to the companies on the platform.

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    Expansion of Lines of Business

    We launched the platform with just BOP and Workers' Compensation. Now, Ivans Distribution Platform supports a dozen commercial lines of business including Cyber and General Liability.

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    A Growing List of Partners

    We keep bringing on more distribution partners, with the most recent partners being Mylo, InsureZone and QuoteWell. And we’re always welcoming new partners.

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    An Easy-to-Use Interface

    The platform dashboard allows clients to view appetite and submission trends across all of their agency partners. In addition to the value of connecting once, you can also view trends across rating systems from one dashboard.

Open the Door to Top Agency Partners

Want to learn more? Watch our quick video to discover how your peers are already growing their commercial business through access to a world-class appetite tool and leading distribution partners with Ivans Distribution Platform.

Kathy Hrach

Kathy Hrach, VP of Product Management at Ivans, focuses on enhancing connectivity for carriers and agencies. She has spent her career helping automate manual processes and drive efficiency through technology.