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Book Rolls Made Easy for Personal and Commercial Lines

August 3, 2023

Heather Prabish By: Heather Prabish

With Ivans Bookroll™, you can easily collaborate with agencies through Ivans Exchange to automate book roll. This solution frees up your time to expand relationships, appoint new agents, or pursue new markets. And the best part? You can now automate both personal and commercial lines book rolls.

Goodbye Paper, Hello Book Roll Automation

Transferring books from agencies has historically been a manual process that takes time, effort, travel and paperwork. Sometimes, agents would have to print or send policies individually for your staff to manage. But now, things are much more manageable. Ivans Bookroll lets you automate book rolls from any of our 38,000 agencies, regardless of their agency management system.

A Secure Way to Share Policy Data

With this tool, agency-approved policies are securely packaged and transmitted to your Ivans Bookroll mailbox in a single, consistent data format. So, you can grow your business and pursue new relationships with peace of mind and less paper.

In just over a year, more than $850 million in premium has been processed with Ivans Bookroll.

A Single Place to Process Data

This solution allows you to request, review, accept and submit data in a single interface. And agencies can quickly and easily share policy data. You’ll also enjoy less re-keying and the accurate data that comes along with that.

Commercial Lines Capabilities

Until just recently, Ivans Bookroll was only for personal lines. But that has changed – now you can complete book rolls for commercial lines too. The latest update allows you to stop creating tedious reports and printed documents. Check out our quick demo to see how easy it is to complete a commercial lines book transfer with this tool.

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Adding Ivans Bookroll to your tool kit will make it easy for agencies to do business with you and increase your chances of becoming a go-to carrier or MGA partner. You’ll also reduce your chances of making errors that come along with re-keying information and be able to identify growth opportunities quickly. And by eliminating manual processes, you’ll become more efficient and have more time for value-added activities.

Ivans Bookroll Keeps Getting Better

We’re always making product updates to our solutions, including Ivans Bookroll. Stay in the know on the latest updates on the Ivans Product Hub.

Heather Prabish

Heather Prabish

Heather Prabish is a Director of Product Management at Ivans. Heather is passionate about delivering products that exceed user expectations and foster customer loyalty. She knows the key to developing great products is understanding customers' pain points. By deeply listening to customers and blending her years of experience helping companies transform their workflow with automation technologies, Heather helps to continually build and innovate products in the Ivans portfolio.