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A Powerful Poem from Insurtech Boston

June 22, 2023

Christen Kelley headshot By: Christen Kelley

The great thing about Insurtech Boston – aside from startup stories and networking – is we truly do want to make a difference in the industry by hosting this event beyond just tech. And this year, we had the unique pleasure of featuring Elisa Stampf, Co-Founder and CEO of Insure Equality, as our closing speaker. Elisa worked in insurance sales for 15 years before she had an instance of harassment that pushed her resilience to the limit. Rather than giving up, she founded a nonprofit to advocate for an industry that values and empowers a workforce diverse in gender, race, sexual orientation, and economic status.

“I had the distinct privilege of speaking on stage at Insurtech Boston at House of Blues on behalf of Insure Equality. I was overwhelmed with the response from others sharing their stories with me and letting me into their worlds. I ended the program with a poem about the power of words.”Elisa Stampf
Co-Founder and CEO
Insure Equality

Elisa closed out Insurtech Boston by sharing a poem she wrote that represents her passion for diversity, equity, inclusion in the workplace – specifically in insurance.

Elisa’s Poem

Words are more important than numbers
Interpretation more relevant than display
The info grab we clamor for
Less material than what we say

We’re taught that it’s all about logic
That numbers are facts and law
Yet humans and their data are emotional
Regardless - your statistics are raw

We’re more than ones and zeroes
Even though our language is coded
We divide with speech, not numbers
And our current figures are bloated

History tells us words are powerful
Our language - what keeps us in compliance
Yet this evidence exists already
Consider Ted Talks, TikToks, and tyrants

Our memories full and processes slowing
Our industry’s in need of support
The numbers are the lies that bind us
To the decisions we pretend to purport

The call to action can’t be automated
Human connection can’t be tethered
Our user experience still suffers
The only way to get through this is together

More About Insure Equality

Seizing a moment that is ripe for change, the Insure Equality team creates tools for transparency, accountability, and systemic change. We’re thrilled that Elisa could join us and close out Insurtech Boston with her powerful poem. We look forward to featuring more spectacular speakers making a difference at next year’s Insurtech Boston!

Christen Kelley headshot

Christen Kelley

Christen Kelley leads Ivans' overall marketing strategy. She brings more than a decade of insurance technology experience to her role. Kelley holds a master's degree in Communication and Information Technology from Bay Path College, and a bachelor's in Business Administration from Bryant University.