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Cheers to the New Ivans!

June 9, 2022

Reid Holzworth By: Reid Holzworth

As you may have noticed, our team has been working hard to transform Ivans in recent years – with modern technology, new products, and a stronger focus on customer success. The one thing that didn’t change yet was our brand. Our team has been working behind the scenes over the past year to develop a brand that reflects what Ivans does for the industry to ignite connectivity and value across the entire insurance ecosystem.

As a part of this brand transformation, IVANS is now Ivans. The new Ivans logo features a spark, representing what happens when insurance and the latest technology intersect – from increasing revenue for your business to creating simpler processes and better industry relationships.

“You’ll see our [new logo] symbol is a spark. It’s not just two lines coming together. It’s various rays and colors because we know it’s the entire industry coming together – whether it’s our partners, agencies, carriers, their insurance knowledge, and technology. All of these things come together to create a spark.”– Christen Kelley, VP of Marketing, Ivans

Simple Yet Exciting

Ivans is all about making the complex simple, and that is something the team kept top of mind when creating the new brand. You will also see a more casual tone and vibrant colors.

“We want people to know the door is always open, and they can feel comfortable coming to talk to our team – we want to help them. It’s not about us. It’s about the overall industry,” Kelley said.

A part of our new branding is “Where You Want to Be” because Ivans can help the entire insurance ecosystem – carriers, agencies, MGAs, and technology partners – plug into new ways to drive business.

Igniting the Spark

When we think about what makes Ivans different and what ignites the spark, it’s really about the innovative tech, our team, the opportunity to network with so many industry-wide, and fuel growth for the entire ecosystem.

“This [the rebrand] is a milestone for our mission in the industry!” – Saima Shaukat, CRO, Ivans

The Heart of Ivans

The success of Ivans and the industry extends way beyond technology. As you’ll see in our new messaging, it’s about partnership, culture, and advocacy. The Ivans team is full of passionate people dedicated to moving the industry forward. The entire team advocates for the industry and recognizes partnership is an essential part of success.

What Now?

Insurance and technology are moving at lightning speed, and Ivans is moving just as fast to remove complexity and make doing business as easy as possible. As we develop new relationships and create innovative technology, we couldn’t be more excited to see our brand reflect the transformation of Ivans and the industry.

Join the Club

If you haven’t already joined us on this journey to transform the industry, join this club of amazing, innovative people creating cool innovation that brings the industry forward!

Reid Holzworth

Reid Holzworth

Reid Holzworth, Chief Executive Officer, leads Ivans' strategic direction. He is a prominent insurance industry leader with extensive insurance experience in both broker and insurer distribution environments. Holzworth was the founder and CEO of TechCanary, an InsurTech leader that Applied Systems acquired in 2019. TechCanary built an innovative set of insurance solutions on the Salesforce platform to create choice and flexibility for agencies who prefer, which has since been incorporated in Applied's portfolio under the name Applied Epic for Salesforce. Holzworth's extensive industry experience, innovation-first mindset and commitment to simple, valuable customer experiences will be hallmarks of his leadership of Ivans and the expansion of its compelling innovation strategy.