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A NEW Insurance Technology Podcast with an OLD Twist

May 13, 2021

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While “InsurTech” seems like the buzzword of choice these days, insurance technology has been around for decades. As a true believer that the past informs the future, podcast host Reid Holzworth speaks to both insurance industry “godfathers” – the original innovators who paved the way for tech at a time when bell-bottoms were still in fashion – and today’s trailblazers, who are busy disrupting one the world’s most traditional industries.

We sat down with Reid to get a little more detail around this new project.

Why did you want to host this podcast?

There are many insurance podcasts right now – and some are really good – I have even been a guest on a few of them. But no one is really looking at the founders of this industry, the true influencers of insurance technology. I know from many of my interactions with these “OGs” that they are still very involved in today’s technology – as board members, consultants, etc. – and have a ton of valuable insights for today’s industry players.

However, in addition to the founders, I thought it was important to get the perspective of the “new” industry disruptors. Those start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to shake up an industry many see as far behind on digital technology adoption.

With these two points of view, I think it will be the start of some great conversation around insurance technology.

Who is your first guest?

I knew from the beginning that it had to be Dennis Chookaszian. The man literally founded AMS and was there to see many of the mainstay companies in the industry like Vertafore, Applied Systems, Guidewire and Duck Creek get created. He brings decades of knowledge and insights on how insurance technology as we know it today began, so the story had to start with him.

Who else do you have lined up?

You have to subscribe to the podcast to find out! But seriously, we are working hard to bring interviews from a variety of perspectives. My next interview will be with a successful start-up founder.

What do you want the listeners to come away with?

I want them to come away looking at the industry a little differently, maybe a little curious about how they can solve problems through technology. I also hope they laugh along with me and my guests and learn something about each of my guests along the way.

Join Reid as he distills wisdom from radically different vantage points about the role of technology in the insurance industry. New episodes drop every 2 weeks.

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Christen Kelley headshot

Christen Kelley

Christen Kelley leads Ivans' overall marketing strategy. She brings more than a decade of insurance technology experience to her role. Kelley holds a master's degree in Communication and Information Technology from Bay Path College, and a bachelor's in Business Administration from Bryant University.