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Get Agency Download Feedback in 5 Easy Steps

October 14, 2021

Dara Bradley. By: Dara Bradley

Did you know that you can review and respond to feedback and download requests from potential and existing agency partners in one central location? IVANS Exchange is a powerful tool that allows you to review feedback from your agents – whether it’s what additional lines of business they’re interested in or a download quality issue.

Benefits of using IVANS Exchange for feedback

Meet agents where they are within IVANS Exchange. Over 23,000 agencies are using IVANS Exchange to easily view and manage their insurer download connections. In fact, right now you likely have agency feedback waiting for you in IVANS Exchange. By using IVANS Exchange, you can easily find this feedback and contain it one platform.

Resolve download issues

View and resolve quality issues and respond to agents requesting download in five easy steps:

  1. Log in to IVANS Exchange or register as a new user.

  2. Click on the Feedback tab at the top of the report. By default, the report will show all the download with quality issues. You can use the Agency Feedback Category filter on the right to change your view.

  3. View all customization requests that have come in from your agencies. Select All within the Agency Feedback Category filter to view all agency requests. You can use this tab to respond to all requests. This will help you keep track of what they’re asking for and make sure that you’re assisting them or taking action to help them utilize your Download solutions.

  4. Respond to agencies who want to start downloading available options from you. Filter by the Want and AMS Configured option in the Agency Feedback Category section. Indicate if you’ve already configured them for setup by selecting Configured to the left of the line of business. This will be communicated to the agency. Once they’ve downloaded that transaction or line of business, it will automatically change to a DL in the system.

  5. Review and Respond to agency requests and Download issues. Filter by Downloads with Quality Issues in the Agency Feedback Category section in the top right section of the page. In the column at the far left, change the status to addressing, AMS (Agency Management System) issue, or resolved. Change the status to clear once a download issue is resolved. This will remove it from both your Connections report and the agency’s report.

Get a holistic view of your connections

Use the Connections tab for a more detailed view of each agency trading partner. This report displays the lines of business they may not be currently downloading from you, if they are experiencing any quality issues with your download, and desired lines of business for future download. You can also find how many transactions agencies have received in the last 12 months and whether they’re downloading that line of business with you or another insurer. You can easily create a report at any time that includes all your agency partners and export it with or without status information.

Keep up with download trends

In addition to staying on top of your feedback in the most efficient way, you can view the number of agencies and transactions per download type for your company or the industry within the past 12 months. The default view is for all lines of business, but you can easily filter graphs by transaction type to see how the trends change. This report is helpful as you’re setting up your download or looking to offer new lines of business for download.

Learn more

Do you have questions on how to make the most of IVANS Exchange and best respond to agency feedback? Contact the IVANS Support team at

Dara Bradley.

Dara Bradley

Dara Bradley is the Product Marketing Manager for Ivans. She brings over a decade of insurance technology experience to her role. She holds a bachelor's degree in business and economics from Lafayette College in Easton, PA.