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Become the Next IVANS Connected Agency in 3 Easy Steps

September 2, 2021

Dara Bradley. By: Dara Bradley

In 2021 alone, 875 agencies became recognized IVANS Connected Agencies by fully utilizing IVANS’ connectivity solutions. This includes leveraging IVANS Exchange, a complimentary online tool that allows agencies to easily view and manage insurer download connections.

Meek Insurance Agency President Trace Meek said he has found IVANS Exchange helpful in taking digital connectivity to the next level. As a 2021 Connected Agency, Meek Insurance Agency is one of the many that has leveraged IVANS Exchange to its fullest and experienced the rewards that come along with it.

“IVANS Exchange is an important tool to help us analyze what we were doing with our carrier partners and what downloads we aren’t taking advantage of,” he said.

Learn about our 2021 Connected Agencies

We’re proud to recognize the 2021 IVANS Connected Agencies for their commitment to continuous improvement and for placing digital connectivity as a top priority.

Schultheis Insurance Systems Administrator Casey Hearring sees being IVANS connected as an important part of excellent customer service.

“We need to take advantage of every efficiency available to us. Being recognized as an IVANS Connected Agency validates that we are being as efficient as possible and can provide the best service to our clients,” she said.

Become the next Connected Agency

While the submission period has passed to be recognized in the 2021 Connected Agency program, you can become a 2022 Connected Agency by following our three easy steps:

  1. Log in to IVANS Exchange or register as a new user to access and customize your agency’s connections report. Click the connections tab at the top of your main dashboard to access your Connections Report.  Your report will display a “DL” for lines of business currently downloaded and an “A” for available connections. For every cell with an “A” that your agency is interested in receiving download from, select “Want.” For any “A” cell that your agency is intentionally not downloading, select “Do Not Want” or “Not Writing.”

  2. Let your insurer partners know you’re interested in receiving download. Influence your insurers to add more download by marking desired download connection as “Want Future.” You can also let your insurers know if you are having download quality issues by selecting “Quality Issue” for that line of business.

  3. Connect with the IVANS Connections team to get started receiving download. Simply click on “Schedule an Appointment” button or email the team at The Connections team will then coordinate with the insurer to change the connection status.

In addition to being recognized in our program, your agency will quickly experience the rewards of enhancing connectivity with your insurers. By activating this complimentary tool, your agency will be able to increase your insurer and MGA activity and get more done in less time.

The official submission and selection program for the 2022 Connected Agencies has passed.

Dara Bradley.

Dara Bradley

Dara Bradley is the Product Marketing Manager for Ivans. She brings over a decade of insurance technology experience to her role. She holds a bachelor's degree in business and economics from Lafayette College in Easton, PA.