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Step Into the New Year and Step Into New Business

January 7, 2020

Heather Prabish By: Heather Prabish

Did you spend 2019 manually managing the book roll process with your agencies?

Now that it’s 2020, it’s time to consider bringing your book transfer process into the new year and the next decade with an automated solution that works for all your agency partners and allows you to identify new growth opportunities sooner.

An Outdated Method

It’s both timely and costly to visit each of your agency partners when managing your book roll process. Whether you’re reviewing paperwork and policy documents in person at agencies or having agents print and mail or transmit policies individually, these workflow steps are taking time away from the business of selling insurance and slowing your ability to make important decisions based on analysis of that data.

An additional concern is the different formats of data you receive from agencies. Do all of your agencies use the same agency management system? If not, paper versus digital documents, data fields organization and synchronizing management system terminology can lead to even longer delays as you collect, sort and collate all the disparate data into one uniform book of business for analysis.

The larger your business is and the number of agencies you support, the more you have invested in what has become an outdated method of managing book roll.

An Automated Solution

The answer to the increasingly complex problem of book roll management is an application that automates the exchange of information, one that enables you to receive and evaluate agencies’ books of business regularly in a unified, digital format.

The right solution manages the gathering, translation and delivery of policy data via an API call without requiring additional input from your agency partners. Key benefits of using an automated application include:

  • Eliminating time spent manually processing files and visiting individual agencies to assess books of business
  • Increasing data accuracy by eliminating re-keying and reducing turnaround time for analysis and quotes
  • Diversifying your book of business and expanding agency relationships by evaluating and acquiring new segments of an agency’s business in a single process

The Future of Book Roll Management

IVANS Bookroll allows you to easily receive and evaluate agencies’ books of business – in a consistent data format and regardless of agency management system – so you can grow and analyze your book of business as you expand relationships, appoint new agents or enter new markets.

The application enables your business to collaborate more effectively with agencies in the book roll and policy transfer process, managing it all – the request, review, acceptance and submission of data – through a single application. The result is significant time savings through an automated, secure process.

If you’ve resolved to improve your book roll process in the new year, using IVANS Bookroll is the perfect way to kick-start this resolution.

Watch the IVANS Bookroll demo video to learn how a simple, automated book transfer process can benefit your business today.

Heather Prabish

Heather Prabish

Heather Prabish is a Director of Product Management at Ivans. Heather is passionate about delivering products that exceed user expectations and foster customer loyalty. She knows the key to developing great products is understanding customers' pain points. By deeply listening to customers and blending her years of experience helping companies transform their workflow with automation technologies, Heather helps to continually build and innovate products in the Ivans portfolio.