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Risky Business: Finding More Markets in 2020

March 5, 2020

Brian Wood By: Brian Wood

Supporting a critical aspect of all successful agencies, our top priority at IVANS is driving efficiency in the day-to-day business of insurance. This includes providing you with technologies that help to remove the pain associated with the marketing placement process, including search and appetite identification. IVANS Markets enables you to rapidly research in-appetite markets, identify the right people to have conversations with, communicate your growth interests to insurers and gain insight into premium renewal trends.

We are excited about the continued adoption of IVANS Markets and the growth in insurer participation to provide agencies access to the right products more quickly. As of December 2019, IVANS Markets is returning more than 6 million commercial lines appetite recommendations monthly. If we compare that to the 1.9 million per month average in 2018, that’s a 215% increase in the span of 12 months. Have you noticed the richer results in your searches?

If you haven’t, it may be time to try again.

The number of new markets for you to search has risen 63% as of December 2019 and includes great partners like Travelers, Hanover, Nationwide, CNA, Employers, AmTrust, and Aon Partners, to name a few. You can expect more markets to be available in 2020 as well. In fact, this year we expect over 20% of commercial lines premium written in the U.S. to be communicated within IVANS Markets. The more markets, the merrier.

Use the Best Tool for the Job: What Agents Are Saying About IVANS Markets

IVANS Markets is the best tool you can use to find more markets in 2020 – but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other agents have to say about the positive impact IVANS Markets has had on their businesses.

When asked, “What do you like best?”, reviewers on G2 said:

  • “We no longer have to rely on paper marketing material (which gets lost or tossed), our memories, or that one person in the office that knows the market you need (and is on a two week vacation). IVANS Markets is always on, ready to provide you with up to date market intel.”
  • “Typically, I ask around the office about what market would be best for a given risk. This really helps! Now I have access to a great amount of information about available markets that will be the best fit for a given risk I am working on.”
  • “The biggest upside for us is the convenience. We really enjoy being able to have access to policy information in just a few clicks directly from the carrier all in our CRM. Plus, being able to see the appetite for specific carriers and get a better understanding of what to send to each company makes our workflow a lot smoother.”

When asked, “What problems are you solving with the product, and what benefits have you realized?”, reviewers on G2 said:

  • “The major impact we have seen has been in our productivity. We no longer have to scan through dozens of files to find correct information or find a better carrier to submit to, it all just integrates very well.”
  • “It is a time saver to have one place to look rather than contacting multiple companies. Sometimes we find a market with a company that we currently write with and we didn't know they entertain that type of business. It sometimes also provides us ideas for other current clients and where we may be able to go for a competitive market.”
  • “Faster turnaround times underwriting business for our agents. If you have a plan with new business and a direction to go, it makes the whole process a lot more efficient.”

If you’re not using IVANS Markets, get started today.

Access IVANS Markets online or from within your management system to learn more about products from recently added insurers and how they can benefit your digital agency.

Brian Wood

Brian Wood

Brian Wood, former Vice President of Data Products Group for Ivans, develops innovative and data-driven applications, tools and services for the insurance industry. Prior to this position, he co-founded EvoSure, which was acquired by Applied in Sept 2015. Brian spent 10 years with Marsh & McLennan as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Analysis where he developed global insurance distribution platforms. Brian began his career in insurance building the first company to bind insurance online, (a Trilogy company) which was acquired by Marsh & McLennan in 2001.