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What Efficiency Means to Your Business

February 6, 2020

Heather Prabish By: Heather Prabish

efficiency-business-success-insurers-ivans-eservicing-single-sign-on-400x224.jpgHave you noticed how customers have changed in the past 10 years? Consumer behavior and expectations have experienced significant change with the introduction of new technologies in recent years. Today’s insurance customers want answers immediately and desire access to information around the clock. Have you prepared for this change?

When a customer calls today – whether it be about policy, billing or claims information – agents are on the clock and every opportunity to reduce customer headaches and be more efficient is a chance for you to keep their business.

So, what can you do to increase ease of doing business for agents? A lot, actually.

Introducing IVANS eServicing

If you’ve ever wished you could promise your agents they’ll never run into an expired password again while working with an insured, your wish has been granted. With a managed data exchange, like IVANS eServicing, you cut the number of steps required by agents to access insured information in half and remove the chance that they’ll be prevented from accessing the system because of an expired password.

With IVANS eServicing, password management is handled automatically between the agency management system and insurer system using an industry-approved SAML architecture to place security first. Along with exponentially increasing your agents’ efficiency, you also dramatically improve the security of their management system workflows by reducing their reliance on passwords. Let’s look at the key feature that ties all of this together.

Single Sign-On

For many agencies, Single Sign-On (SSO) just works. Agents never have to think about it and that’s the beauty of the system. Working in the background – and offered through a managed data exchange – SSO enables agents to work faster and smarter by automating data exchange between insurer and agency management systems. IVANS supports ID Federation’s SignOn Once initiative to create a world where every user has just one ID and password.

SSO gives agents immediate access to key customer information without them ever having to leave their management systems. Agents authenticate themselves once and as a result don’t have to store or manage passwords within their agency management systems.

Benefits for Insurers

So what does this mean for you? First, IVANS eServicing reduces calls into your help desk to reset passwords for agents to almost zero. Second, agents no longer need to keep passwords, like under their keyboards. Third, you can expect increased agent engagement in your inquiry investments through the one-click nature of the managed date exchange.

Every opportunity to reduce friction with agents while optimizing your investment in your portal is a win.

Enabling Your Business to Succeed

In the latest IVANS Connectivity Report, 83% of agents surveyed found the availability of automated insurer connectivity to be very important when selecting insurers to do business with. This stat highlights a significant element of the insurance ecosystem: agents care deeply about insurer connectivity and the continued automation of products and services to drive efficiencies and create new business opportunities. For insurers surveyed, the number one priority is ease of doing business with agencies, confirming your interests are aligned.

To meet the needs of customers in the insurance industry of today and prepare for tomorrow, the best time to start offering a secure, automated data exchange to your agency partners is now.

Watch the Introduction to eServicing webinar to discover how a managed data exchange can lead to your business providing quicker customer service throughout the policy lifecycle.

Heather Prabish

Heather Prabish

Heather Prabish is a Director of Product Management at Ivans.