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A Conversation with IVANS Expert Paul Warga

April 30, 2020

By: IVANS Communications

Paul Warga headshotIVANS’ vice president of product management, Paul Warga, recently sat down virtually with Olivia Schmitt of Total CSR on Agency Nation Radio. Their chat covered topics including his early years at the company and how his role has evolved; how the IVANS platform and team have adapted to working remotely; where the business is heading next, and much more.

Read on for a few excerpts from this interview, then listen to the full episode at Agency Nation.

Excerpts from the Episode

Business Continuity

“We enacted the business continuity plan on March 16 to a fully remote workforce...We’re up and running on all operations…I’m so proud of the IVANS team for making that transition.”

“Reliability is a critical business function…Could our infrastructure handle everybody being remote? Could our phone systems?...We’ve got all that up and running. We’ve got 24x7 support for our customers out there to help them in these times.”

Innovation and a New Way of Doing Things

“The commercial lines submissions process is just one of the areas that we continually hear from carriers, agencies and management system vendors that it’s a painful process. It’s very manual. It’s very back-and-forth and inconsistent and inefficient…Working with the 400+ insurance carriers that we work with, we know they have different backend systems…we’re going to meet them where they are.”

“Indio will have the data capture in the unique forms and format to get the specific data that carriers need. IVANS will make sure that the data gets to the carrier in the format that they need for the particular line of business.”

“I think we’ll see an uptick in the technologies that are available, and I’ll think we’ll continue to see a lot of innovation coming out of this.”

Tracking Trends

“We’re looking at our products and our customers and all these users of the network and adjusting, but we’re also looking at the trends in the industry. As we have new insights – with over 220 million transactions giving us insight into the industry – we’ve immediately put in place tracking and monitoring to see what is happening; and whether we are seeing any downward/upward trends.”

Advice for Agents

“Use this opportunity to make changes within your agency so you can benefit from automation and get rid of those inefficient processes.”

Listen to the full interview at Agency Nation.

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