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A Book Roll Solution Made for These Times

May 27, 2020

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Even in this time of social distancing and remote working, your day-to-day business activities need to continue. Some activities traditionally involve working with agents face-to-face, but the current world we are living in doesn’t allow for in-person office visits – and might not for some time. How can you do so if you can’t visit offices in person?

Managing book roll, for instance, is one such activity that’s sure to be impacted in this new normal. And as uncertainty remains on the horizon for businesses of all sizes, it’s important to find new ways to work today and in the future.

It’s the Perfect Time to Automate the Book Transfer Process

Book transfer from agencies has historically been a manual, time-consuming process. In most cases, it requires in-person visits by staff to agency locations where paperwork and policy files are sorted and reviewed piece-by-piece. In rare cases, agents print and mail or transmit policies individually on a regular basis for your staff to deal with.

Even in the best-case scenario, there’s still a very manual management aspect that costs insurers considerable time collecting, organizing, requoting and redistributing paperwork for review back by the agency. Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage book roll than having your staff spend hours of time sorting through paperwork and emails.

Today, digital tools are available that allow insurers to manage agency book roll remotely and more efficiently than ever before. For insurers unable to travel to agents’ offices in person, it’s now possible for you to connect directly with agency partners online to easily receive and evaluate their books of business data.

By moving from a paper or email-based manual process to an automated digital solution, you can save your business considerable time and money and eliminate the need for additional input from your agency partners to complete the book roll transfer.

Introducing IVANS Bookroll

IVANS Bookroll empowers you to collaborate effortlessly with agencies via IVANS Exchange to automate managing book roll, freeing up time better spent on expanding relationships, appointing new agents or pursuing new markets to enter.

And if you’re concerned about moving to a digital solution only to be restricted by which agency management systems you can connect to, limiting who you can work with, don’t be.

IVANS Bookroll is the industry’s only management system-agnostic book roll solution. It unlocks your ability to connect with over 32,000 agencies regardless of the management system they use, ensuring peace of mind as you grow your business and pursue new relationships. Agency-approved policies are securely packaged and transmitted to your IVANS Bookroll mailbox in a single, consistent data format.

Key benefits of using IVANS Bookroll include:


Increase ease of doing business with agency partners


Automate operations and reduce errors


Quickly identify growth opportunities

Watch the IVANS Bookroll demo video to discover how you can reinvent your book roll process and become more efficient working with your agency partners.

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