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Surety Bond Download: Save Even More Time

November 30, 2017

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Do you find yourself spending hours sifting through emails, printing and scanning documents and attaching files for surety bonds? For years, producers have manually managed surety bond documents and information, greatly reducing staff productivity and wasting valuable time. Producers needed a better way to manage surety bond documents.

To extend connectivity and automation across the entire insurance industry, IVANS now enables surety bond companies to automatically deliver their bond documents and messages directly to your agency management system via eDocs and Messages. You can automatically receive text-based messages or PDF, Excel and other file attachments directly from insurers, including:

  • New bond documents
  • Riders
  • Continuation certificates
  • Payment notifications
  • Billing notifications
  • Cancellation pending notices
  • Cancellation notices

Why use download for surety?

The ability to receive crucial insurance documents directly into your agency management system, enables you to work within one system and ensures that current, accurate information is available throughout the policy lifecycle. The more you can stay in your agency management system and keep a continuous workflow, the more productive your staff will be.

Agencies currently utilizing IVANS to interact with their insurers have increased overall operational efficiency with immense time savings, reduction of production cost, enhanced customer service and improved ease of doing business. In fact, according to a recent IVANS study, agencies utilizing download services save more than 60 minutes of time per day per employee. In a world that is all about connectivity, agencies and insurers should look to technology to revolutionize business operations to better connect with and serve customers.

To get started, log in to IVANS Exchange to see which of your insurer partners offer eDocs & Messages download. Then, let them know you are interested in receiving surety information via eDocs & Messages.

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