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The Connected Business of Insurance

Topic: insurance technology

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MythBusters: Commercial Lines Download Edition

by Jim Bany

3 Myths That Could Be Costing You Valuable Time One of my favorite TV shows is MythBusters, the popular Discovery Channel program where hosts Adam Savage and […]

A Journey Through IVANS’ 35-Year History

by IVANS Communications

For 35 years, IVANS’ commitment to innovation has enabled thousands of insurers, MGAs and agencies from around the globe to safeguard and protect what matters most in people’s lives. Who would have imagined that a simple idea – a new way to connect an industry – would revolutionize the business of insurance?

Agencies in the Digital Age of Insurance

by Dina Buxton

Today’s insurance agencies are faced with new demands from prospects and customers for mobile capabilities, new opportunities to improve agency-carrier connectivity via digital solutions, and new competition […]

The Latest Trends in Digital Distribution and Automated Servicing

by Thad Bauer

From new industries to new economies, technology is changing the way we live and work. To learn more about how technology has influenced the insurance industry, IVANS […]

Insurers, Ever Wonder How You Can Better Support Your Agency Partners? Hear Directly From a Leading Digital Agency

by IVANS Communications

As independent insurance agencies become more digital, they expect their insurer partners to provide digital services that increase ease of doing business while providing access to the […]

Irrefutable Interdependencies: The Case for Agent – Insurer Connectivity

by Thad Bauer

What Insurance Can Learn from Nature As a lover of all things tech, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that I also love science. Recently, while […]

Why Digital Transformation Is a Partnership

by Karen Pauli

For a very long time, everyone outside the insurance industry has been admonishing everyone inside the insurance industry for their lack of digital capabilities. In turn, insurers […]

3 Ways to Support the Needs of Today’s Digital Agents

by Christine Horne

As the world becomes more digital, agencies are leveraging technology to meet consumer demand for instant, 24/7 customer service. Consumer demand, along with the need for greater […]

Connectivity: The Secret to Competing in the Age of the Customer

by IVANS Communications

Today, insurance agencies face many challenges that they didn’t contemplate years ago. Consumer buying behaviors and patterns are different. Now, you find shoppers engaging with you after […]

One Click Away from the Best Markets: New Market Discovery Tools

by IVANS Communications

Have you ever spent several hours reviewing appetite guides or visiting insurer portals to see if they have appetite for the business you are looking to write? […]

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