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The Connected Business of Insurance

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MythBusters: Commercial Lines Download Edition

by Jim Bany

3 Myths That Could Be Costing You Valuable Time One of my favorite TV shows is MythBusters, the popular Discovery Channel program where hosts Adam Savage and […]

There’s a Better Way: The Secret to Delivering Superior Service to Your Benefits Clients

by IVANS Communications

Keeping up with consumer demand for instant service is vital in the digital age of insurance. Are you sure your agency is taking advantage of every chance to automate servicing and improve customer satisfaction?

Irrefutable Interdependencies: The Case for Agent – Insurer Connectivity

by Thad Bauer

What Insurance Can Learn from Nature As a lover of all things tech, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that I also love science. Recently, while […]

One Click Away from the Best Markets: New Market Discovery Tools

by IVANS Communications

Have you ever spent several hours reviewing appetite guides or visiting insurer portals to see if they have appetite for the business you are looking to write? […]

Optimize Download Connections

What Would You Do with an Extra Hour Each Day? – Why You Should Maximize Your Download Connections

by Cal Durland

Is your agency using download services to the fullest extent? If not, you’re leaving valuable time and money on the table. By using all of the download […]

Data and Download: How to Make Your Agency Stand Out in Today’s Digital World

by Jason Cass

“It’s not those who are the strongest but those who adapt who will be the ones who survive.” To be able to adapt, you have to see […]

IVANS Index: Premium Renewal Rate Change for October

by Matt Foran

IVANS Index is a data-driven report of current conditions and trends for premium renewal rate change of the most placed commercial lines of business in the insurance […]

Goodbye Paper, Hello Productivity

by Kristy Wilson

Do you find yourself spending countless hours every day re-keying data and processing requests? Are you searching for a better way to access policy documents on demand? […]

Tools for Growth: How Our Agency Finds More Markets in Less Time

by Ryan Aulabaugh

At 618 Insurance Agency, providing superior customer service and low rates for our clients drives the success of the agency. But as an independent agent working with […]

Winning More Commercial Business for Independent Agents

by Matt Foran

Knowing the right markets for your insurance risks is critical for success. Without the right markets, you can’t win as much new business and your renewals will […]

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