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The Connected Business of Insurance

The Agent of the Future: What Carriers Need to Do to Prepare

July 11, 2019

by IVANS Communications

Woman speaking to othersThe world of the independent agency is changing rapidly and dramatically. Shifting customer expectations are creating a need for new business models. An aging workforce signals a potentially abrupt change in the availability and skill set of staff to do the work. And the looming impact of potential disintermediation from direct to consumer and digital distribution drives a growing need to recognize the role of technology.

What will the agent of the future look like? How will they conduct business? What skill sets might be needed? How will their use of technology need to change?

For most insurers, the real questions are – who is the agent of the future and what do they need to know to help get them there?

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear industry expert Karlyn Carnahan, Head of P&C Insurance at Celent, discuss industry change and its impact on collaboration between insurers and agents of the future, including:

  • How the world of the agent is changing
  • What the agent of the future looks like
  • Why agents need carriers as they transition
  • When carriers should take action

Watch How Insurers Can Prepare for Agents of the Future Webinar now.


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